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Flooring – preliminary determination that multilayered wood flooring sold through A-Timber Flooring Company Limited and meeting the specified description is produced and exported by Zhejiang Yuhua Timber Co. Ltd. and is therefore excluded from the AD duty order on MLWF from China Kegs – 63.6 percent assessment and cash deposit rate for China-wide entity (down from 77.13 percent) in corrected final results of 2019/2020 administrative review of AD duty order on refillable stainless steel kegs from China Nails – dumping margins of zero and 35.3 percent in amed final results of administrative review of AD duty order on steel nails from Taiwan for the period May 20, 2015, through June 30, 2016, pursuant to court decision Plywood – (1) preliminary determination that (a) hardwood plywood products and veneered panels exported from Vietnam that were assembled in Vietnam using hardwood plywood inputs sourced from China are products of China and therefore subject to the AD/CV duty orders on hardwood plywood from China, effective June 17, 2020, and (b) hardwood plywood assembled in Vietnam using hardwood plywood inputs sourced from China are circumventing the AD/CV duty orders on hardwood plywood from China, and (2) ability for exporters and importers of hardwood plywood completed in Vietnam using non-Chinese-origin hardwood plywood inputs to submit certifications that such goods were not produced under any of the three scenarios that result in subject goods and thus avoid AD/CV duty liability under the China orders

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