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Maersk exts and upgrades TP Alaska to a weekly Central China - Tacoma connection
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Maersk will soon offer a new weekly direct connection between Shanghai, Yantian and Tacoma.

The is new link will be d by exting MaerskĄ¯s existing Far East - Dutch Harbor TP Alaska service with new calls in both Central China and in the Northwest USA.

While the loop is upgraded to weekly sailings, the service will nevertheless continue its current westbound coverage from Dutch Harbor to North East Asia on a fortnightly basis.

The TP Alaska will be exted as from the 30 June departure from Shanghai of the 2,758 teu CAPE MOSS. The revised rotation reads:
Shanghai, Yantian, Tacoma, Dutch Harbor (), Yokohama (), Busan (), Qingdao (), Shanghai, Yantian, Tacoma, Shanghai. () fortnightly Calls

Maersk currently operates the TP Alaska with 3 x 2,300 - 3,100 teu ships turning in six weeks.

As the ships will start making nating long voyages (seven weeks, including all fortnightly calls) and short trips (five weeks, when serving only the weekly calls), Maersk needs to deploy three extra vessels to ensure weekly service to the newly-added ports of Tacoma, Shanghai and Yantian.

The new Tacoma call is specifically aimed at customers who want to ship their cargo via the State of Washington as an native to the heavily congested Californian ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach or Oakland.
The addition of Tacoma comes at the expense of the call at Fraser Docks Surrey in Vancouver (BC), which was added only in March.

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